Lighting Design for Bowling Green

Lighting design for bowling green

Any weekend plans? How about a relaxing game of lawnbowls?

Any long weekend plans? How about a relaxing game of lawnbowls?

Here's a recent lighting upgrade design we did for a regional NSW bowls club, using existing poles & power infrastructure to keep costs down.

LED Lighting Design for Australian Bowls Club Green

The club wanted to move to LED's for the usual benefits:

  • energy efficiency,
  • cost saving in lower maintenance requirements,
  • a better quality of lighting,
  • higher lighting uniformity,
  • and better lighting control.

The HMX 400W is part of our high mast range.

These high powered flood lights - also referred to as stadium lights - range all the way from 200W up to 1200W.

They're designed to light up large exterior spaces.

🛠 One big advantage of the HMX range is the optional remote driver.

This means all serviceable parts can be located inside the pole, at ground level.

If something does go wrong with a fitting, there's usually no need to hire an access platform.

And HMX lights are highly customisable.

You can choose your colour temperature, anywhere from 3000K to 5000K.

We can help you select the right beam angle for projects where you face tight requirements on light spill.

You can specify DALI dimmable drivers if required.

Don't keep playing in the dark. Get in touch for your next project.

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