LED flood lights installed on exterior of industrial workshop

Industrial LED Flood Lights

All LED flood lights are IP66 waterproof, with a 5000K colour temperature and a 120° beam angle for general-purpose exterior use. You can choose between two models:

FLS flood lights are ideal for light commercial, residential & security lighting.

FLP flood lights are designed for industrial environments. Get a strong steel bracket, easy aiming adjustment, passive cooling design, a high quality power supply, and ultra-high efficiency at 140lm/W.



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FLS 30W LED Flood Light
Sale price$44.00
FLS 100W LED Flood Light
Sale price$88.00
Save $20.00
150W LED Flood Light150W LED Flood Light, Side View
FLS 150W LED Flood Light
Sale price$112.00 Regular price$132.00
FLS 200W LED Flood Light
Sale price$176.00
FLP 100W Industrial LED Flood Light
Sale price$110.00
FLP 150W Industrial LED Flood Light
Sale price$165.00
FLP 200W Industrial LED Flood Light
Sale price$220.00