Warehouse LED Lighting Design

Lighting design for industrial warehouse

Need a free lighting design for your next installation?
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Need a free lighting design for your next installation? 


We're happy to help 💡

If you can provide a floor plan and a few basic specs, we can help make sure your next project complies with Australian Standards and WHS Regulations for lighting in general work areas.

Here's a recent design for a 1,120m² warehouse.

LED Lighting Design for Industrial Warehouse

With a ceiling height of 9m, our 150W HBS LED high bay light fittings were a efficient and economical choice.

Our lighting designers will plot you out the exact number and placement of fittings that you need for your space. 

Get a 'real-life feel' for how your new lighting will illuminate your workspace. Bring us your next project - we'll do the rest.

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Free lighting design

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