Horse arena LED lighting design

Lighting design for 4,000m² horse arena

"I need to light a 40 x 100m horse arena. What fittings should I use?"

"I need to light a 40 x 100m horse arena. What fittings should I use?"

Let's take a look 👀

Completed for a client outside Mt. Barker, SA, this lighting design shows the difference in lux levels between two of our popular LED light fittings:

💡 our jack-of-all-trades FLP 200W flood light,


💡 our specialised HMX 400W high mast fitting.

Comparing 32 x 200W fittings against 16 x 400W fittings, the total power consumption between these two designs is the same at 6,400W.
Pole placement is identical and mounting height is constant at 7.5m*.

The result?

Predictably, the HMX fittings were able to achieve a higher average lux level of 111 lux - about 10% higher than that of the FLP fittings.
There are also differences in lighting uniformity.
❓❓ What is uniformity? Uniformity is the ratio of the minimum lighting level to the average lighting level in a specified area. It's a quality parameter for the overall illuminance distribution.
Uniformity is 25% higher with the HMX fittings.

This is due to their asymmetrical beam angle.

It's better suited for lighting up large, wide spaces, like horse jumping arenas, truck loading bays, or tailings dams.

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*Ideally, a higher mounting height of 12-15m would have been used to achieve better results and even greater uniformity. But we work within client requirements, and reusing existing poles helps keeps costs down.

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