Residential tennis court lighting design to AS2560.2.1

Lighting design for tennis court

Fancy a spot of backyard tennis? Here's a recent lighting design.

Fancy a spot of tennis? Here's a recent lighting design 🎾

Australian tennis court lighting design is covered under AS2560.2.1.

This standard actually has two different lux requirements:

The first is for the Principle Play Area (PPA) - the court itself. This covers the area of play, within the painted doubles lines.

The second is for the Total Play Area (TPA). TPA includes the PPA area and then adds the run-back and side-run areas, outside the painted lines.

For Recreational & Residential play, AS2560.2.1 calls for:

💡 250 lux for the PPA.

💡 150 lux for the TPA.


Australian Standard AS2560.2.1 Lighting for outdoor tennis courts

At all levels of play, AS2560.2.1 calls for different lux levels for PPA and TPA.


So, when a solution was requested for this residential backyard tennis court, we were able to offer the design shown.


AS2560.2.1 Lighting for outdoor tennis courts, diagram showing pole placement

Our pole placement couldn't follow the Standard, due to existing client configuration.

❗ Due to the client's current configuration and space restrictions, the poles had to be placed closer to the court than ideal.

This made the average lux levels for the TPA fall ever-so-slightly outside the Standard—but we work within client limitations 🤷.

By using eight of our FLP jack-of-all-trades 200W flood lights, the PPA lighting requirement has been met and exceeded with an average lux of 278. Uniformity and glare are all under control, too.

FLP 200W flood lights - the reliable all-rounder.

They're IP66, so fully waterproof and ideal for leaving up all-year round.

We also offer a five-year no-fuss warranty on all fittings to cover your installation too.

The end result is a cost-effective LED tennis lighting solution, ideal for recreational play.

Lighting design to AS2560.2.1 for tennis court

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