LED Lighting Design for Horse Rodeo Arena

Lighting design for 2,220m² horse rodeo arena

"We want to light up our horse arena without the need for portable lighting plants."
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"We want to light up our horse arena 🐎 for night-time rodeos without the need for portable lighting plants."

We've got you covered. Let's take a look 👀

North of Bundaberg, QLD, our client has a sizeable horse rodeo arena of 2,220m² and requested our help with a lighting design.

For this job, we've quoted something from our special project range.

The FLX is a wide area LED light fitting, designed to light up wide spaces with even and accurate illumination.

Horses don't tolerate shadows well. Their eyes also take longer to adjust to changes in light than ours do. So lighting uniformity, a measure of the 'evenness' of light, is of high importance here.

The client already has timber power poles of a good height installed. That's good news - steel poles are expensive, and transport is costly out to rural areas. The fittings will be mounted at nine metres off the ground, ideal for good uniformity.

There's a smaller livestock handling area behind the main area that requires lighting too, but not to any standard, so spill lighting will be more than adequate.

When horse jumping is involved, Australian Standards for recreational equestrian lighting call for 150 lux and a minimum uniformity of 0.5.

By using three 300W FLX fittings per pole, we've nailed the brief 👌

LED lighting design for horse rodeo arena

The rodeo arena is lit at an average 180 lux, with a uniformity of 0.5

Rated at IP66, FLX fittings are waterproof and dustproof, so they'll do well all-year round. And they're fully covered by our no-fuss five-year warranty.

FLX 300W LED Area Light

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