Lighting design for industrial workshop

Lighting design for industrial workshop

Switch from aging HID to brand-new LED.

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This operator switched from aging HID to brand-new LED. 

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 The 400W HID fittings installed in this industrial workshop had a deteriorating light output due to age.

With the team performing detailed engineering, maintenance and inspection work, the lighting wasn't cutting it.

💡 Within AS1680, 400 lux is the minimum required average light level for industrial workshops performing medium detail work on machined parts and assembly. 

400 lux is also required for common engineering activities like reading gauges and working with electronic equipment.

A professional lighting design confirmed that the 400W fittings could be replaced one-for-one with our new 200W HBT high bay fittings to achieve this target.

200W LED High Bay Light Fitting | Luminetic

Tough, powerful, and heat resistant to boot, the HBT is perfect for hanging up high in hot rafters.

All of our high bay fittings come with flex and plug pre-installed, so it's incredibly easy to upgrade most industrial workshops or warehouses to new LED lighting. Installation will be quick and your downtime should be minimal.

The 200W LED fittings are about twice as efficient as the 400W HID fittings that they've replaced. So that means:

  • a ~50% energy reduction,
  • a smaller power bill,
  • and lower associated emissions for your operations.

And you'll gain more than that when you switch to LED:

✅ Instant on/off

✅ No maintenance, no regular globe changes

✅ HBT fittings have a serviceable driver

✅ HBT fittings are optionally dimmable through 1-10V controllers

And the big one:

✅ All Luminetic fittings get you a five-year no-fuss warranty.

Looking to make the switch?

Get in touch with our team today. A professional lighting design will confirm that lux levels meet your requirements and Australian Standards.

LED high bay light fittings installed inside industrial workshop

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