Rooftop tennis court LED lighting design

Lighting design for rooftop tennis court

Fancy a spot of tennis while high up in the clouds? 🎾

Here's a recent LED lighting upgrade for a commercial tennis court.

Located in Melbourne CBD, the court is currently lit by four existing 400W metal halide shoebox light fittings. Old technology.

Accounting for ballast loss, that’s a usage of 440W per fitting, or 1,760W total of power consumption.

For this LED upgrade, we've specified our FLX 300W area light.

Wide and bright, they're designed to produce high lighting uniformity across large areas, ideal for sporting applications.

With the spigot mount pictured, they'll slip right on to the existing poles.


FLX 300W LED Area Light | Luminetic
FLX 300W LED Area Light. Not a light in our standard range - currently special order only.


With these four new fittings mounted at 9M high, we've exceeded the requirements in AS2560 for Recreational & Residential tennis court lighting by about 10%.


AS2560 Tennis Court Lighting Standards
Australian Standards call for PPA 250 lux/TPA 150 lux.


The FLX 300W offers a much higher light output than the previous 440W lights, and at a lower wattage too. So the client can also realise a very tidy 31% energy savings over the existing setup.

Plus, no more bulb changes, instant on, and everything is covered by our no-fuss five-year warranty.

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