Lighting design for remote-control race track

Lighting design for remote-control race track

Any weekend plans? How about some remote-controlled racing?


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Here's a recent LED lighting design for a local sports club in Bayswater, WA.

With a total of 37 brand-new FLP 200W LED flood lights installed, the club is back on track for evening and night-time practice and competition races.


FLP 200W LED flood light

FLP 200W LED flood light. The all-rounder.


There's no Australian Standard for lighting requirements for RC model racing. But what we can do for clients in these instances is take a comparable lux level requirement from a similar sport.

Something with small, fast-moving objects, where players/operators must judge speed, distance and power. In this case, we borrowed recommended light levels from the lawn bowls lighting standard.

Average lux at the start/finish of the track - that critical moment - is now just shy of 200 lux.

Average light level over the rest of the track is around 100 lux. This is perfect for both practice and competition.


LED lighting design for model RC race track


The club has also gained all the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting, too.

A lower power consumption and higher efficiency translates to real energy savings and a lower power bill. No more constant globe changes or regular maintenance is required.

And the lights turn on instantly - no more waiting around for warm-up!

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